24 June 2012 @ 09:49 am
// 019. [video] locked to arthur  
[A click and the sound of something sizzling through the air - past the Forge and into what may not have been its mark - something wood or stone - a resounding crack as if foundations have been shaken.

The voice that issues forth from unseen lips (she's smiling but you'd never guess it) is shaken as well - almost breathless - panicked and pleading.]

I said get back! Stop this at---

[It's entirely possible the settings on her Forge has been primed to send a locked message before whatever chaos that is broadcasting managed to take place. Possible, yes. But that's not what's happening.]


[A blast - kd;lsk;s yada yada describe a blast and DOES TONKS WANT TO DO ANYTHING/HAVE ANY INPUT HERE]