08 February 2013 @ 01:19 pm
Out of Character Information

player name: Aeri
player journal: [personal profile] eisdamme
playing here: Sansa Stark [personal profile] isherarmor
where did you find us? I GLUED MYSELF TO THIS GAME, IDK.
are you 16 years of age or older?: Yes.

In Character Information

character name: Bellatrix Lestrange
Fandom: Harry Potter
Timeline: Canonly it's Just before her death at the hands of Molly Weasley in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, 1998. But post uh ..several deaths in game. Because she is such a jerk.

powers, skills, pets and equipment:
Bellatrix Lestrange re-enters Anatole in possession of her ORIGINAL wand (walnut, 12¾" with a dragon heartstring), her prison!clothes, but nothing else to speak of. (Except maybe a tiny animate Knight that follows her around and pokes at her feet. Karma, IDK.)

She is an extremely skilled witch, ranking second to Voldemort (and Dumbledore, to be fair) and easily the most powerful of all the Death Eaters. She is well versed in the Dark Arts, highly adaptable with her magics, and is also a skilled Occlumens. This is not to say that her mind would be closed at all times, just that it would be extremely unlikely for someone to read her thoughts and memories if she had reason to suspect that they were poking around in her brainparts.

Of course, the Mist (and multiple deaths) may likely make some of her skills randomly ...malfunction to make things fun.

Adept at all of the Unforgivable Curses, Bellatrix is extremely fond of the Cruciatus Curse. Although she shows no restraint in wielding all three, she seems to take an immeasurable amount of pleasure in torturing her victims into insanity. (Misery <3 company, etc etc.)  

She is a great duelist, and is able to defeat many highly skilled wizards and witches, including Aurors -  not to mention having amazing agility with regards to deflecting spells, and also physically dodging them. Although phycical skills are not her strength, she is incredibly energetic and agile for her age, often outstripping younger opponents.

Bella has a great range of magics at her disposal - and though her focus and true love would be in the realm of the Dark Arts, she is not limited to spells from this school alone. She also has been shown to have the ability to cast nonverbal magic, but to what extent it is not specified.

canon history: 
Bellatrix grew up amongst the Wizarding elite, from the most ancient, noble (and pureblood!) house of Black. She attended Hogwarts and was, like a great number of her clan and peers, sorted into Slytherin House. Not much is said of her time at Hogwarts, other than shortly after graduation she became a Death Eater, and evolved into Voldemort's most loyal servant.

She killed countless mudbloods in the first war, and showed no restaint in torturing or outright killing any halfbloods of purebloods that stood in the way of Voldemort's mission.

Due to her crimes during that war, Bella was imprisoned in Azkaban, growing still more fanatical and insane. After escaping the infamous wizard prison during a mass breakout, she was responsible for many more deaths, including her own cousin, Sirius Black (a death she very much enjoyed taunting Harry about) and was involved in the kidnappings of Luna Lovegood, Mr.Ollivander, the torture of Hermione Granger, and the murder of Dobby.

She murdered her own niece, Nymphadora, an Auror, in the Final Battle of Hogwarts, before she was killed by Molly Weasley for taunting the witch about the death of her her son.

(From the wiki here)

personality:   Bellatrix is a  fanatical believer in blood purity, not only as a result of indoctrination by her family from a young age, but also as a result of her own very, very twisted world-view. It is because of these beliefs that she became fiercely (and obsessively) loyal to Lord Voldemort, and is still loyal to his vision, even after his presumed death.

She is sadistic, possessed of a dangerously violent temper, and utterly devoid of sympathy/empathy. Circling the outskirts of her rage are high levels of paranoia. Because of this, and the fact that Voldemort was the only one she ever truly trusted, she works best alone.

She is arrogant and often reckless with her magics, in part due to her state of mental unbalance - but she makes up for this with skill, so she has rarely ever met her match.

Incredibly cruel, and fascinated by torture, Bella also exhibits disturbing childlike qualities. She loves to taunt and belittle, to rub salt in the wound before she strikes again - to drag death into many painful stages for her own amusement. She is easily distracted, though, and this is a definite weakness. She will almost always overestimate her own power.

She eats, lives and breathes her hatred for muggles/any non-magic folk, and any person who would defend or associate with them. There are no exceptions to this rule, as she was all too willing to show by killing her niece and torturing purebloods when the situation called for it.

Bella prizes her loyalty to Voldemort above all things - to the point that she scoffed at Narcissa's worry over Draco, as she believed that her sister should consider it an honor to lose her son in the Dark Lord's service.

She may be reckless and mad, but she is also tireless. Out of that madness comes a bravery born of visceral glee.

why do you feel this character would be appropriate to the setting? Bellatrix is agressive, deluded, cruel and insane. She is an unsympathetic antagonist and  has been a genuine threat to the native Anatolians. This sort of thing would likely be on the DO NOT WANT list of any decent and saner Scorched, bringing with it a whole host of ....interaction.

The atmosphere of Anatole is familiar stomping ground to Bella, initially reminding her of the Wizarding World. Bellatrix doesn't play ...well with others, but that doesn't mean she won't play.

Previously Played Information

previous game: Why ...this one!
length of time there: September 2010 - December 2012.

important development and/or events in your previous game:

- Due to a mindwipe, she did manage to gain some decent CR with people she had previously tried to kill/been horrible to. Of course, she subsequently botched it all up when her memories returned.

- Her spells have taken on a new bent - and she's developed several Mist-influenced ways to make people miserable.

- She's abandoned the idea of continuing Voldemorts mission somewhat, having shifted her alliegance to Luciela, and subsequently started to actually like cats instead of killing them.

- She had a cat for a while and was actually not horrible to it!

- She's been killed a couple times. Once by Cara/Cloud and once by Kenpachi. BOTH TOTALLY JUSTIFIED. She was languishing in prison when she disappeared, a few days before she would have seen a trial by combat. Her champion would have ben her sister, Narcissa.

- The Natives hate the shit out of her. She's tortured/killed and been generally abominable to a great lot of them, displaying insensitivity to their tragedies; in fact her world view has shifted a lot since arriving in Anatole. Most Scorched are viewed as she might view fellow but not necessarily equal wizards, and most Natives are viewed as Muggles. (IE: Disposable!)
Writing Samples

Network Post Sample:

[Hiss and slip of static as the room comes into lowlight focus through the Forge.

Ambient crackling, and behind it the rasp-dark breath of long suffering sleep. It is probably no accident that the Forge transmits - it seems to have started by itself - it's staticked transmission rising and falling in time and tune with the shadowed silhouette beside it. A dark outline in shredded silk, cut off from view at the neck, a woman's figure.]

[A second hiss. It's of a different nature. It's sharp and struck with shadows, and the figure bolts upright, wild-eyed and still for the barest few moments. Dark curls spill forward over her shoulders, corporeal smoke shot through with ash, and chest heaving, gasping for breath she backs up -  quick.]

[Eyes narrow and focused on the small metal contraption before her - lip curling back over her teeth. Illuminated, corpse-like from below, the slightest growl above the static as her gaze still locks on the forge.]

[The light source flickers and skips across the screen as the wand that's not quite her own rolls across the floor and into her grasping fingers. Eyes dark and dilated, circling the unfamiliar surroundings the once, before coming back upon the forge all fury and suspicion.]

[My ...Lord?]

[Her voice is thick with it -- unspoken questions -- and she's on all fours, watching the screen for any sign of movement.]

Rookwood?  Dolohov?

[She's fairly snarling at this point, her voice rising on the edge of razors, knuckles white with her grip on the borrowed wand as she forces out the words.]

...My Lord?

[Crawling closer, humming under the hiss of silk across old wood. The tune is both dulcet and utterly discordant. If one listens closely her whimper is tinged with menace.]

Is he dead, my Lord?

[Her wand skims the edge of the forge as her eyes flash. It's quicksilver again, and deafening.]


Third Person Sample:


She narrows her eyes against her own light - well, not truly hers - she can't say who this wand belongs to -- or belonged to because it's hers now. 

Could be stained by mudblood filth, it's only borrowed-----

Still, it obeys her wordless incantation and illuminates the floor in front of her, and a small metal object beside it.

My Lord? Where are you? I was...

She stumbles a moment, but it is anger that causes her to regain her footing - a hiss and a dark curtain of hair whipping past her face in the eldritch glow of some dead wizard's wand.

It's familiar enough, all of it - the room, the gilt-mirror beside the bed, the polished wood floor and the strange little device all crackle-sputter-static - but it's just unfamiliar enough, too. To set her teeth on edge, to slice through invisible air with her borrowed inefficient wand, and to utter a feral little whimper as she backs up.

The whimper makes its way to a growl.

I remember. I was dueling that bitch. That blood traitor, disgrace of a witch Weasley. Weasley, with her litter of muggle-loving pups. I---

She blinks, nostrils flaring as she stares down the tiny forge before her. What was it? Had He left it? Had He brought her ...here?

It's intrusive in its static, it's shine -- it's silent refraction of wand-light, and  all the while hissing conspiratorially from the far corner. Faces drifting past like a...


Who's thoughts were these? And where were the rest of them?

The static distracts her - and she's half-sure that she'd heard a child's giggle underneath a layer of  dead-air.She doesn't like to be distracted.

And ...the Potter brat? Where is little Harry? Is he broken yet? Was it time to dance on his lifeless, worthless little husk?

Another transmission, far off voices --- already she's taken half a step toward it, snarling and flashing her teeth.


An arc and trail of celadon light follows like quicksilver ---striking the forge squarely in its center, and ending the murmurings.

It's a reflex, really. Impulse. But she feels better momentarily.

Looking down at her forearm, she whimpers again. The Dark Mark is faint, resembling a scar more than anything else, and it's---

---it's not speaking to me!

But that ....thing had been speaking to her. Maybe Lord Voldemort had been trying to---

---yes, yes. That's it. That's it!

A hum running underneath her breath as she lifts the forge into her palm and slips outside into a vaguely unfamiliar place. She can hear voices close by. Someone will know how to properly repair the little ...whatever it was that her Lord had left her.

A Riddle?

A puzzle?

Yes. A puzzle that could be a Test. A Test that once passed, would enable her to learn of her Lord's inevitable victory. She would no doubt put the puzzle together in record time ---as soon as she could find someone to put the strange, staticky metal pieces back together.

This one. This one looks as if he might be of service.

Bella smiles unblinkingly at the stranger before her. He tips his hat and offers a kind enough greeting. She opens her palm with one hand, and clenches the wand with her other. Both hands are remarkably steady.

Yes. This one would help her or she'd take him apart.

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