28 December 2011 @ 09:26 pm

well, hi.

Name Aeri
Age Over 18, under 100
Time EST
AIM illusoryglass
Plurk eisdamme
DW [personal profile] eisdamme

Tagging Speed | I generally try to clean my inbox out every other day at least once of actual game tags,
but at the most it should take me no longer than 3 days to tag you back ever, unless I'm slowatused. After that point,
feel free to kick me, because I might have fallen in a rabbit hole.

Usually, I'm a medium-to-slow-speed tagger, and I try to knock out a few a day for every game thread I'm in.
Museboxes and memes are promise free and subject to my whims, which is why I don't do them that often
Sometimes I rotate between the inboxes, and sometimes I split my days between characters. If you need a tag back ASAP, just poke me via the subject line, plurk, or a pm and I'll do my best to get to it.

I have almost no ability to tag M-F 8-5 due to work, but I have been known to sneak a few replies in via gmail (ugh default icons), and I almost always hit some things on my lunch hour. I can sometimes slyly get on m.plurk during the workday but it's pretty sporadic unless it's my lunch hour. My best tagging times are Sunday 12-10 and M-Th 6-10, just so you know! I'm almost always signed into MSN/AIM/Yahoo at home, so if you IM me and I don't answer, it's because I'm not signed on at work and will reply as soon as I get home. If you need to contact me during the workday gmail is the best option! Friday nights and Saturdays I am spotty but willing to work out THINGS if need be. Never be afraid to message me, I'm very poke-able.

Backtagging | I love backtagging. I will tag you for however long it takes to finish a thread,
even if that means months. I'm also totally cool with people tagging into my posts,
no matter how late they are. I will respond.

Smut Policy | I'm amenable to it. Or to fading to black / cutting to the aftermath.

General RP Philosophy | I am really open to almost anything, so long as it's IC.
Come at me, bro.
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