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Bellatrix Lestrange of Harry Potter.

ooc permissions

Backtagging: Yes! I will always work around a backtag. If I've dropped one that you would like me to pick back up, let me know. I'm also cool with handwaving things.
Threadhopping: Sure.
Fourthwalling: Please don't.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Try me.

ic permissions

Hugging this character: Good luck with that.
Kissing this character: Ahahaha. No. I mean why, really?
Flirting with this character: You may try.
Fighting with this character: Absolutely.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Talk to me about it, I'm usually cool with whatever.
Killing this character: Not yet again, but I can be flexible if you have an amazing idea.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: It's going to be hard, as she's an accomplished Occlumens. But talk to me, I'm almost always willing to work something out!
Warnings: None?
permissions post: from bella to you!

i. Legilimency - How resistant are you to people poking around in your brainparts? Is there anything that Bellatrix would see straight off,or anything that she absolutely would NEVER be able to see? Or could she never, ever get in at all? Let me know!

ii. Imperius - Is it possible to slip and and control your actions ever, or is this totally not up for negotiation? (This spell is controlled by the target's willpower, anyway, so - it's more frequently successfully resisted.)

iii. avada kedavra -
  What effect would a killing curse have on you if something other than a coma? Would you just get up? Feel refreshed? Aske for another? Something else?

iv. Would magic in general have any weird or unexpected effects on your character (or on Bella)?

v. Do you stand out as extraordinarily ...human and mundane for any reason? Just looking for people that might ping her sense of muggle hate.
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Roy Mustang: Your move[personal profile] ignitethesky on December 14th, 2010 01:09 am (UTC)
i. She's welcome to poke around in Roy's head, but he's pretty good at burying his true intentions beneath layers and layers of mundane shit...when he wants to or if he deems it something of importance. There's also a lot he doesn't really know in terms of himself for that same reason -like it's repressed. The only things he's repressed to the point of STAY OUT are memories of his childhood, and anything referring to his past with Riza ranks up there, too.
Dietrich is probably pretty resilient, but if Bella can get in, nothing isn't off limits.
Ichigo... While he himself is kind of an open book about some things (and he's bad at hiding things), the Hollow would make miserable the time of anyone who tried getting in. Between sideways cities and crazy albino!Ichigo, she'd have a fine time trying to get anything out of him.

ii. Roy has a tendency to go all "Screw the rules!" whenever something important to him is at stake (it's also when he's at his most vulnerable but most dangerous), so depending on how his emotional state is at the time, she might be able to pull it off.
Dietrich is negotiable depending upon how it's gone about.
Ichigo... again, good luck? Unless he's been beaten down pretty good and is at a low, he's about as resilient as they come.

iii. Roy and Dietrich would be down for the count, him moreso than her (but she's an Offensive type, so she wouldn't be as quick to stand as a Defensive like Deneve). Ichigo... Oh, he's been down that road already... and he stood right back up, ripped off the arm of the guy who knocked him down, then blew half his body away.

iv. None of them really have any sort of "magical" attributes, unless one counts alchemy despite its being a science. Ichigo's close with his freakishly crazy-huge reiatsu, and a little voice in his head who likes to fire off Ceros.

v. Roy is a perfectly normal human (the whole alchemy thing requires that he have an array since he hasn't been through the gate, and he doesn't really MAKE the fire, just adjusts the oxygen concentration of the air through scientific/alchemical means). Dietrich has a little bit, but nothing unusual considering Anatole and how many of her kind there are wandering around. Ichigo... WAS human, but he's not in his body so he's basically a detached soul. He's also got the Hollow that will object to intruders in his head and will come out and lay the smackdown if Ichigo's on the verge of death.
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