demon_andbutler: (ARGHH WHERE'S THE TIDE STICK.)
Sebastian Michaelis ([personal profile] demon_andbutler) wrote on December 13th, 2010 at 05:17 pm
i. She can poke around in there, but she won't be able to see all that much. Just a lot of mundane butlering. Bit disappointing, right? Now you know Grell's pain...

ii. Idk. His willpower is pretty damn strong. And he's also not human. So I think he'd be okay?

iii. He'd just get up, lol. Sorry, Bella. I don't think your weak human magics can do much.

iv. Mm, not really? Unless she cast a spell to see if she could tell what kind of being he was? Then it'd be like YEAH HE'S A DEMON.

v. Probably the opposite, actually. If you look closely his posture isn't terribly human at all. And of course the red eyes... and if he does anything flashy...
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