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Priscilla | Claymore ([personal profile] priscilla) wrote on January 30th, 2011 at 12:52 am
1. General policy is talk to me when it comes to mind invasions since I don't really have any characters where that wouldn't cause an issue.

2. Another case of talk to me - but I will say it probably won't work on Aizen.

3. :|a Aizen's not really alive exactly, so I'm not sure it would have an effect at all, really. Jennifer is also not actually alive so it might not make a difference. OTHER THAN THAT IT'S COMAS THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH. Priscilla might wake up early?

4. Priscilla and Mello would probably be affected normally. Jennifer and Aizen (ESPECIALLY AIZEN) would be the most resistant, but Aizen's the one to be careful about.

5. NO HUMANS HERE except mello. I bet she'd hate him, but he's not especially human or mundane, LOL
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