([identity profile] wrote on January 29th, 2011 at 08:09 pm
i. She is more than welcome to poke around in his head. He's slightly crazy, though he can hide it well enough, and his thoughts are usually pretty random. There's a lot of beating himself up over past issues and events.

ii. This boy is crazy and thus not so resistant. FEEL FREE TO MANIPULATE HIM! XD He'll freak out afterward cos he's been raised Catholic so it'll seem like some sort of demonic possession to him.

iii. Other than a coma? Well, he might twitch on the ground a bit? Maybe foam at the mouth XD

iv. Not really. He's entirely human.

v. He can when he wants to! The whole assassin thing and crazy bloodlust isn't something he really tries to broadcast... unless it gets broadcasted... ohgod the broadcast minds are going to be an adventure...
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