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SSA Dr. Spencer Reid ([personal profile] threedoctorates) wrote on January 7th, 2011 at 01:59 am
Hughes - is a normal human and I doubt mind resistance was taught in the Amestris Military Academy. So, getting in would probably mean she'd see lots of shots of his beautiful wife, wonderful daughter, his BBF and the extended friends/family and probably war-torn Ishbal.

Ishida - Again, I don't think part of his Quincy training involved mind resistance of any kind, so, getting in would give her a lovely view of lots of Hollows, his Sensei and his rather strained relationship with his father, Ryuuken. Oh, and you'd probably also get a feeling of they're my friends even if we don't talk about it when it comes to Renji, Rukia and Ichigo.

Reid - Oh boy. If she got bored and wanted to look in here... well, for one, the kid's a genius and remembers everything he reads, so there'd be all that information. Plus.. there's his mommy issues, his daddy issues, his PTSD issues, his drug issues, his nightmares, etc. Added bonus is something that I haven't yet explored in Anatole as well... the mist is enhancing his abilities as a profiler, i.e., he's going to be developing low level telepathy and empathy. So I'd imagine his mind is a very complex thing if she wants to try it. XD

I'll say this for all three of my headkids: I think this would be interesting to do, but considering their willpower, it might not be something that would last very long. Probably until they realized that something funky was going on. .

I'd say coma for the three of them. I'm guessing anyway. Magic isn't something that really came up in any of their canons before. XD

Hughes - Don't think so.

Ishida - Him... I can admit to not being sure of.

Reid - Don't think so.

Hughes - Well, I don't know if he would or not. After all, Hughes is a man of two coins: one being the family man the other being the military one.

Ishida - Isn't exactly human. Well, okay, he IS, but he has the added bonus of being a Quincy too. So, he's human, but he's a special human.

Reid - I think he already has, hasn't he? XD
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