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Riza Hawkeye ([personal profile] firebornfidelis) wrote on December 13th, 2010 at 08:39 pm
i. Riza: Some resistance. She wouldn't be able to see anything about the tattoo or the war, but she might be able to catch some stray thoughts or see some of the things Riza doesn't realize about herself.
Deneve: Steel trap. She'd get next to nothing out of her.
Yachiru: Eh, she could probably see anything. Yachiru could hide everything but she doesn't really care to.

ii. Riza: ... nnnegotiable. Bit of a hard sell though, because she is stubborn. But it's possible.
Deneve: Negotiable but unlikely.
Yachiru: Negotiable but very unlikely.

iii. Only a varying length in coma, probably. Riza would be down the longest being just a normal human, Deneve would probably pick herself up after a few minutes, and Yachiru would probably just fall down and get up angry.

iv. Hmm, Riza and Deneve have no "magic" in their canons (despite being surrounded by stuff that looks like magic) so it would probably affect them normally. Yachiru would probably have more resistance because she has very strong reiatsu which is like magic? Plus she's probably the best able to retaliate.

v. Riza is just a Normal Human. No powers, nothing special or extraordinary with exception of good instincts and the ability to 'sense danger' which isn't actually magical really. Deneve has some power but nothing outside of the norm for Anatole (seriously, this place, what even). Yachiru is pretty strong, "magically," especially for a wee one.
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