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If you have something of import to say, then say it.


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[It's specifically between eight and nine when he does contact Miss Bellatrix; one of the tighter appointments to make in his preference for working during the night hours. The audio may begin with the faintest sound of plastic, cracking gently and stretching, and it may or may not be a wrapped sweet bun.]

Good evening, this is Hideki Ryuuga. Would you happen to have the time for our appointment?

[Polite as ever, it rolls off his tongue smoothly and without hesitation.]

[audio - forever]

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But L doesn't intend to press it. He's been assigned the role of psychologist to on subject and even that is proving to be rather troublesome, if not mildly informative. It certainly guarantees some reliable degree of protection.]

I'd like to understand your situation pre-arrival. Remember that you are free to leave out details or refuse to respond, but I ask that you avoid lying, for accuracy's sake.

[A crunch, quietly chewing as that sinks in.]

Immediately before Anatole, was your situation especially unique? Perhaps the apex of a your career, maybe the fall, or, as has been the case with some, your death? [A beat.] The precise actions and circumstance, then - are they clear?

There's no need to limit your response. If I haven't pressed a specific issue you find relevant to that period of time, you may share it as well.

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[The response encourages several further questions to pop up, a happening that can grow tiresome, but he merely hums as though pleased. A school. Lord. Magic. Battle. And magic battle, hmn. Given that she's not elaborating, perhaps it's common knowledge in her world?

Pen to paper, not writing much (not that there was much information to begin) before he speaks again.]

And this battle, would the victor be particularly instrumental in deciding the future of your world? [Adds absently.] I take it Miss Bellatrix would know whether her arrival could have been related to the effects of the magic of her world?

[Of course, his arrival couldn't have been magic... given that he wasn't simply ended without clear recollection of the event, considering "magic" and the supernatural abilities of the murder notebook are fairly similar. Unexplainable, as of yet. Possible, given that it's his first time dying.]
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Bellatrix. Do you have a moment?


[...that's bad.]
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Are you human?
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Sometimes that kind of thing can be unclear, yes. I'm not sure what being a pureblooded witch means.
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yes same

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What a charming way to think of it.

[So annoyed. So annoyed.]
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[ Voice - 1 hour later ]

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[ She reaaaaaaaaaaally doesn't want to do this but... ]

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[ Has she mentioned how much she DOESN'T want to do this? ]

Your cat...

I tried to find him, but she... they... gave him away.

[ Cringing already. She always expects rage and abuse and violence. She failed, it is no surprise~! ]
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[ ... oh shi... uh... she... kind of doesn't want to say now. Verity was only doing her job. Even though Freya still thinks she jumped the gun a bit. ]

I-it's not important. But I think I know the family who has your cat.
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...for... for the same reason they took him from you. Whoever it was took him to the place where I work. A shelter for lost animals. ...and... and he was placed with a new family through there.
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[ And Freya skitters back from the NV a bit. Don't be so mad Bella, it's not her fault! ;o; ]

... [ Yet she feels it is. She never talks to Verity so she hadn't known - she thought the cat was just another stray. ]

......... yes.
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[He isn't certain this will reach her; Arthur did tell him she had run off into the Mist.

But he's going to try. He wants a moment or two of her time before Merlin "brings her to justice".]

Bella, where are you?

[He sounds as though he would like nothing more than to help her, of course. Not at all like he has murder on his mind.]