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—(••÷[ вellaтrιх leѕтrange ]÷••)— ([personal profile] lestrangestone) wrote on January 11th, 2011 at 07:47 pm
[audio - <3]

I was in battle, by the side of My Lord. We were grinding the school into dust.

[...only things started to take a turn. But we won't mention that just yet. That photograph. That hideous, lying thing that Lupin had somehow manufactured. Lies. They were dead. All of them. Voldemort had won.]

I was dueling a blood traitor bitch, by means of magic, of course.

[Do you know magic? You must. Must be something more than a Muggle if you're able to withstand the Mist. Attempt to understand it, even.]

And then I was here. In a drab room with a ...forge. A borrowed wand was with me as well.
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