([identity profile] wrote on January 10th, 2011 at 05:41 pm
[audio - forever]

But L doesn't intend to press it. He's been assigned the role of psychologist to on subject and even that is proving to be rather troublesome, if not mildly informative. It certainly guarantees some reliable degree of protection.]

I'd like to understand your situation pre-arrival. Remember that you are free to leave out details or refuse to respond, but I ask that you avoid lying, for accuracy's sake.

[A crunch, quietly chewing as that sinks in.]

Immediately before Anatole, was your situation especially unique? Perhaps the apex of a your career, maybe the fall, or, as has been the case with some, your death? [A beat.] The precise actions and circumstance, then - are they clear?

There's no need to limit your response. If I haven't pressed a specific issue you find relevant to that period of time, you may share it as well.
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